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Jimmy Cinnabon

Rank the current #1s from most to least beatable

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Based on the current Intermat rankings, which #1 is most likely to be beaten?


My crack

1. Rivera (I can see a healthy Lee taking him out)

2. Hall (margin with Zahid is razor thin)

3. Kolodzik (believe he has lost multiple times to Ashnault and Oliver in the past)

4. Micic (has elevated his game)

5. Martin (Emery Parker is a threat)

6. Yianni (has lost to Eireman)

7. Steveson (put this low mainly because he is a freshman)

8. Joseph (though he has lost to Marinelli in the past and gone to OT with White)

9. Nickal (can Moore take him out?)

10. Nolf ('nuff said)

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I see these three losing:
1. Rivera
2. Kolodzik
3. Micic

These four have 1 or 2 guys that will test them:
4. Hall (Zahid)
5. Joseph (a couple of guys could beat him, but he's the best in the weight and shown a knack for pulling out close matches)
6. Yianni (same as Joseph)
7. Steveson (the best talent at the weight, but someone will slow him down. Can they beat him, though?)

I don't see these three losing, so this is based on how surprised I would be if they did:
8. Martin
9. Nickal
10. Nolf

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Most beatable #1 guys? Ranked in order of likelihood they lose.


133 Micic - too many good guys for him not to take a loss

149  Kolodzik  Pretty good, but think he'll drop a couple

125 Rivera   Think Lee gets him next time

174 Hall       Think Zahid beats him at NCAAs

141 Yianni  Pretty tough to beat,  some minor health problems I hear

165 Joseph  I think Marinelli has a chance (~ 20%) to beat Joseph

184 Martin  Good chance of going unbeaten this year.

HWT Steveson  Looking pretty dominant as a true FR

197 Nickal  Will bonus everybody. There's a very slim chance (~1%) a true 197 pounder might throw him and pin him.

157  Nolf Nobody remotely in his ballpark this year. Could possibly win the title at 165 or 174, imo.

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Until next Sunday I see Rivera as the absolutely most vulnerable. I think his loss to Lee was a one off for this year.. I think Rivera could be a huge star. Like Retheford beating Stieber his frosh year. He didn’t win NCAAs but it wasn’t precisely a fluke. 

Nolf is a little less vulnerable than Nickal only because Moore is a very good wrestler and Nickal is up a weight. Most everyone else on the list has at least one person who they’ve either lost to once or more or there’s someone he hasn’t wrestled who could beat him. 

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