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Rutgers vs Iowa

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This is what happens when you refuse to wrestle.  Suriano will never be a national champion as long as he refuses to wrestle.  I was talking about this after Fix beat Suriano and people called me crazy on this board.  Suriano won't wrestle the top guys.  He doesn't do anything and he won't win matches against top guys as long as he won't wrestle.  Transferring has been a disaster for him.

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3 minutes ago, VakAttack said:

Suriano was gassed.  Seriously, I'm shocked by that.  I thought Suriano was a terrible match for Desanto.

I'm not.  I said DeSanto is going to come right at him and asked What Suriano would do.  Everybody said Suriano would eat him alive for moving forward so much.  Maybe that could have been the case if Suriano had decided he wanted to wrestle tonight.  Suriano has a history of not wanting to actually wrestle against top guys and being satisfied with doing nothing for three periods and eeking out a win.  That might have worked against the one or two guys on his level in high school in those four years.  This is not HS.  He's going to get burned over and over and he HAS gotten burned over and over by this in college.

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