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Lee vs Rivera: Who wins?

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1 hour ago, Marcus Cisero said:

I say this has zero to with illness of any kind, especially after his performance on Friday - and EVERYTHING to do with attitude and a lack of confidence. The Brands brothers are not equipped (my opinion) to real him back in if this is the case. To get back on track, to be reminded of the incredible champ he has become over the years, he needs family and close friends by his side. I wouldnt be surprised if he makes a b-line back to PA over the next 2 1/2 years. When Marsteller got into trouble, he left OK and went back home. When things didnt seem like a fit for Suriano at PS, he went back home. Those of you fortunate enough to has close relationships with your Moms and Dads might be able to relate. I know I do.

Spencer’s family lives in Iowa.

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