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Minnesota at Wisconsin 1/25/19

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Minnesota 27, Wisconsin 13    

125: Steve Polakowski (Minnesota) wins by forfeit

133: Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) over Jens Lantz (Wisconsin) (Dec 5-4)

141: Tristan Moran (Wisconsin) over Mitch McKee (Minnesota) (Fall sv.)

149: Thomas Thorn (Minnesota) over Cole Martin (Wisconsin) (Dec 5-2)

157: Steve Bleise (Minnesota) over Garrett Model (Wisconsin) (Dec 6-2)

165: Evan Wick (Wisconsin) over Carson Brolsma (Minnesota) (MD 8-0)

174: Devin Skatzka (Minnesota) over Patrick Spray (Wisconsin) (TF 18-0 2:52)

184: Mason Reinhardt (Wisconsin) over Owen Webster (Minnesota) (Dec 5-0)

197: Dylan Anderson (Minnesota) over Beau Breske (Wisconsin) (Dec 3-0)

285: Gable Steveson (Minnesota) over Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) (MD 11-2)

At 141 McKee was leading 5-1 at one point but got tossed to his back twice, once in regulation, and again in sv for the pin.





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6 hours ago, jchapman said:

He saw a Wisconsin resident willing to fill in at 197 this season.

Definitely - while Breske is not generating impressive results, he is an improvement for the Badgers at this weight, I think the bigger question is whether Breske can get to the "right" weight next year and recover from the mental damage that comes with losing all of these matches currently. Some championship level talent experience consistent losing for the first time at the collegiate level and their mojo just goes away, never to recover. We'll see what kind of magic Bono and his crew has in their bag of tricks for Breske next year; makes things interesting.

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Great to see Moran with another big win.  That's wins over Lee and McKee this month after a rough start to the season.  OSU had Moran, Boo, and Gfeller at 141 in the past 2 years.  And somehow they shook things out to Brock who may be the worst of the lot when wrestling at 141.

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