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Jimmy Cinnabon

PSU - how the dynasty will end

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If David Taylor throws his hat in the ring as a head coach, he has the pulling power in 2 of the best 50 states to get recruits + the cool factor.

Dake could do well in the cool factor as well.  I also think he'd be the best technical and tactical coach out there in the future.  

This type of dynamic could beat Cael the old fashion way, straight up.  

Until then, I'll go on rooting for an NCAA Scandal. 

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1 minute ago, hammerlockthree said:

I think I've set the record for people insulting me in the same breath as embracing my ideas.....

Snarky I don't consider insulting in this case.  You've managed to punch the truth of Cael's disdain for the dual meet ultimately leading to total demise of the sport as we know it, regardless of his insane success.  Snarky, brilliant, and a dash of truth. 

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I feel like people are overlooking next year. 

125: Teske? Chance at AAing in a deep weight I guess? Best case 8th?

133: RBY - likely to AA, still a stacked weight with Suriano, pletcher, Wilson, Fix, Micic, bridges etc. not sure how high

141: nick lee might be a title contender 

149: Vereeren is a maybe AA. He has some mediocre losses this year

157: If Berge can open up this might be a lot of points, but that isn’t a lock

165: cenzo title

174: Hall title/2nd

184: AAron brooks could be title contender, but is a true freshman with a bunch of high level guys coming back (Venz, Parker, Geer, etc)

197: no idea

285: maybe Cassar but likely Seth Nevills. 

Best case that’s 125 or so. That’s a lot of points,  it not unbeatable. Also, if they don’t get Cassar, that drops by 10-15 points. If Berge doesn’t AA, it drops another 10-15. 

Iowa is going to be very good next year. They have 10 serious AA threats with 6 top 5 guys potentially. High end potential in the 140 range  

Michigan has 0 holes next year, besides maybe Jelani Embree but that isn’t fair to say yet. They can go Mattin, Silva/Micic, Silva/micic, storr, Lewan, Massa, Amine, Embree, striggow, Parris. I’d say 120 potentially

Ohio State has 10 qualifiers with with 5 potential top 5 guys. 115 potentially 


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4 minutes ago, headshuck said:


Cael doesn’t like anything that cuts into his system, like duals having any part of a formula to determine an NCAA title.


Lol. His system? Its the same system the NCAA has always used. 

Edited by TBar1977

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First and foremost The PSU "Train" Mr. Cinnabon!!!

>>> Not sure a dynasty is correct...No one individual can make one or break one

>>> Going from 1953 to 2011 without a Championship with quality and quantity remarkable

>>> If duals matter I would pull Mr. Teske's shirt Friday and give him the opportunity for an AQ

>>> I don't see the Head Coach going anywhere and maybe shadow the new head coach someday

>>> Michigan is the focus and BJC is big and on BTN live

P.S. Stay warm!!!

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1 minute ago, headshuck said:

Yeah, PSU fans would be the first to know. Like ISU fans were.

When other people in the prime of life start leaving the premier jobs in their industry for lower paying jobs elsewhere in their same industry then I will consider this a possibility. This rumor sounds stupid on its face. 

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Looking past next season, who would you guys rather go forward with?  To me it looks pretty close.  

Penn State

Ohio State

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9 minutes ago, TBar1977 said:

Toss up. Intangibles. Whichever team shows better in March will take it. 

Tend to agree.  What happens with the rest of the Class of 2020 blue chippers could be the difference.  Does Ohio State get. Vasquez, Amos, and Tagg... does PSU get Ferrari and Bartlett to add to Howard...

Will definitely be interesting.  Don't want to count out Iowa or Oklahoma State either.  They have some monsters on the way.  

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How will the PSU dynasty end?




The heat death of the universe is an idea of an ultimate fate of the universe in which the universe has evolved to a state of no thermodynamic free energy and therefore can no longer sustain processes that increase entropy. Heat death does not imply any particular absolute temperature; it only requires that temperature differences or other processes may no longer be exploited to perform work. In the language of physics, this is when the universe reaches thermodynamic equilibrium (maximum entropy).

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