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1 hour ago, MSU158 said:

You only referenced a guy that has close to the best neutral offense in DI as evidenced by his results at last years WTT’s. Even then, he still got stuffed the last time they wrestled. 

Volume is RARELY going to get it done against Hall. Quality setups and crisp finishes OR frustrate Hall Into making a very rare, over aggressive mistake.   That or push-pull as much as you can and hope you can get a ref that will call stalling on a defensive, counter wrestler. 


For anyone OTHER than Valencia, the latter is really the only reasonable option. 

You are the one who said ANYONE in all caps, gotta blame yourself for that one.  I only need to reference one person to contradict it.  That said, I agree with your revised statement. 

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Am I reading PSU’s roster correctly that Stossel had 36 losses in 3 years of HS wrestling and likely never even qualified for states?

I think that is evidence that Cael can coach  seeing as how he nearly took down the #1 guy in the country. 

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