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13 minutes ago, Gantry said:

So now everyone with a good top move is Spencer Lee?  There are lots of examples of freshman who have a great top move early on and by the end of their career aren't nearly the rider because it is taken away.  Dustin Schlatter was absolutely unstoppable with his rebar tilt (spelling) his freshman year, ditto with BoJo's top prowess.  By the time they were seniors, they were pretty much only winning matches on their feet and didn't ride any top10 guys.

Freshman coming out like a ball of fire with a great top (or neutral) move and getting scouted is very very common in D1 wrestling.  Spencer is Spencer... 

I'm not saying Beard isn't going to be a total stud on top and maybe I haven't seen enough of his matches, but  freshman with a single great top move more often than not get scouted and have it taken away against the top guys.

True. Time will tell.

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4 hours ago, TBar1977 said:

Moore will be the 197 favorite, so don't see that happening at all. 

Although an intriguing concept... I too hightly doubt that Moore wants to go HWT.  Part of the reason is that he still has Freestyle aspirations, and 97kg is his training partner's to lose.  He's much more suited for 92kg, and said so himself DURING the U23 World Championships.  Wrestling HWT would require him to bulk to a weight that may or may not help his long term aspirations.  Instead, keeping at 197lbs allows for an "ascent plan" that is conducive to sticking at 92kg.  Which means... we're probably going to not only see Nickal/Moore matches in folk... but also in free.  Which... may have much different outcomes.

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