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All- American Potential!

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1 hour ago, russelscout said:

Most of that eye test is graded by the name on his singlet. He hasn't beaten any of the elite guys in this class.  

True, but he hasn't faced any elite guys yet except for Gomez.  And he looked good early in that match.  Anyway, the question was about potential, not who's proven they'll likely be an AA.  Potential is what someone has the capacity to develop into in the future, which is hard to judge.  Sometimes people achieve their potential and sometimes they don't.

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 Virginia Tech

125 - Not likely to qualify

133 - Looking good recently.  I'll say 25% because of the weight.

141 - Also looking good recently - especially with that front headlock.  - 15%

149 - May not qualify but if he does, I''ll go 5%.

157 - I'll go 5%.

165 -  He might make the finals but 75%

174 - Has looked less than stellar recently but brings it when the lights are on.  75%

184 - I think he can beat anyone but MM when he's on.  90%

197 - Looking very good recently.  60%

285 - Has not looked great against good guys - 25%


I think VT AAs from 165 - 197 and could get one more out of 133, 141 or 285.

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