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Is taunting legal now?

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Wrestling is an emotional sport, much more so than any football play. I think there should be boundaries, particularly with physical contact, but when was the last time we've seen the benches cleared and a free for all fist fight on the mat? We send our young students out on the mat to physically beat their opponent in front of paying fans who want them to succeed at beating their opponent. Why would we expect them to all act like Christian alter boys? I think it's ironic that wrestling has so many faith oriented athletes, perhaps more so than other sports. Hockey sells tickets in part because of the unexpected altercations. Not advocating that, but I have to say I like the shenanigans. It happened when I competed in the 80s, more so in the Summer opens, but still, it's all good.

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On 2/3/2019 at 4:34 PM, wrestlingphish said:


They aren't even the most active or egregious coaches in the corner anymore. There's something about them that really gets opponents going.

probably because they yell 3 things, all directed at the opponent:

1) hes tired

2) hes stalling/backing up/not doing anything

3) hes broke

If they continue to attack people personally during matches, I expect more of the same.  

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