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Penn State @ Ohio State

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McKenna HAS to wrestle a tactical match against a guy with a motor like Lee.

Guarantee your gonna hear excuses like McKenna is dinged up still, or his cardio is off from sitting out a week plus etc.

Ryan Pre game as the #18 in all the wrestlers heads towhat they needed to score to win. I GUARANTEE Ryan pounded in Joey’s head how much the team needed him to get the major and that’s exactly how he wrestled in the 1st. Once Lee overcame the onslaught, Joey was toast. He couldn’t even get his head off the mat in the end.

My point is if McKenna is wrestling for Joey McKenna, he wins. How many times have we seen a lackluster win let along a loss by the Bucks trying to score extra points for the team instead of just concentrating on defeating the opponent? Nato against that 125 transfer and Snyder against Nevills come to mind.

Im willing to bet Tom Ryan and his approach was a big part of why Ohio State chokes in the big dual. Cael isn’t telling his guys how me many points they need to score. He’s telling them to wrestle and have fun. That’s what you hear EVERY one of their wrestlers say post match interviews.

Tom Ryan indicted himself right before the first match telling Shane Sparks exactly how many matches they needed to win and 3 extra bonus points for 18 total. you don’t think he pounded the same into these wrestlers heads?

Pletcher needs to figure out what’s causing his funk or he may not AA this year.

Very disappointing showing by the Bucks so far.



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12 minutes ago, russelscout said:

I disagree. McKenna beats Lee at the Big10s and Ncaas comfortably. Jordan majors Verklereen. I see an Ohio St. team that came out very emotionally charged and a PSU  team that came out relaxed and ready to let the match play out. That is on the coaches.

Why am I not surprised by that response?

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