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red blades

Princeton vs. Cornell

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Cornell will be looking to extend its current streak of Ivy titiles to 17 this weekend; will the Princeton Tigers be able to stop them?

Assuming Princeton puts out the same lineup they had last weekend for Rutgers:

Princeton vs. Cornell

125 Patrick Glory vs Vitali Arujau
133 Jonathan Gomez vs Chas Tucker
141 Marshall Keller vs Yianni Diakomihalis
149 Matt Kolodzik vs Jonathan Furnas
157 Quincy Monday vs Adam Santoro
165 Dale Tiongson vs Andrew Berreyesa
174 Travis Stefanik vs Brandon Womack
184 Kevin Parker vs Max Dean
197 Patrick Brucki vs Ben Honis
285 Kendall Elfstrum vs Jeramy Sweany

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The Tigers have come a long way and are doing an outstanding job. Cornell wins handily but Princeton could make a statement nevertheless. 

Looking forward to Stefanik vs. Womack and of course, Glory vs. Vito. I think both Stefanik and Womack have AA level talent and this match is a good check for both. 

I think this will be Vito’s coming out party of sorts (he’s not exactly an unknown but there are so many doubters) with a solid 2-3 TD win giving up no backs. 

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7 minutes ago, Gantry said:

Hey Gantry, huge fan of your posts.  You can watch it here on ESPN+




Just as big a fan of your posts Gantry.  Unfortunately I'm in Mexico, so here's the link to the free audio if you aren't in the US or don't have an ESPN account:



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