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Pitt takes out NC State

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Another excellent ACC dual in Raleigh today. Crazy to see how competitive ACC schools are becoming with each other. 

(#16) Pitt 18 vs. (#8) NC State 16

125: Storm (NCSU) 13-6 vs. Fenton (Pitt)     3-0 State

133: Philippi (Pitt) 17-5 vs. Devine (NCSU)     4-3 Pitt

141: Morris (NSCU) 4-2 vs. Bentley (Pitt)     6-4 NCSU

149: Oliver (NCSU) 15-7 vs. Lee (Pitt)      10-4 NCSU

157: Hidlay (NCSU) 3-2 vs. Rahmani (Pitt)     13-4 NCSU

165: T. Bullard (NCSU) 6-1 vs. O’Brian (Pitt)     16-4 NCSU

174: Harvey (Pitt) 6-4 vs. D. Bullard (NCSU)     16-7 NCSU

184: Bonaccorsi (Pitt) 8-0 vs. Reenan (NCSU)     16-11 NCSU

197: Stout (Pitt) 5-4 vs. McDonald (NCSU)      16-14 NCSU

285: Thomas (Pitt) 17-5 vs. Wilson (NCSU)     18-16 Pitt


The most surprising result was Bonaccorsi majoring Reenan. Bonaccorsi is an excellent wrestler, but Reenan didn’t look 100%. 


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2 minutes ago, stp said:

What's wrong with Tariq?

He may be hurt. I know NC State usually holds Faucz out until the ACC tournament because of the weight cut, but I’m not exactly sure why Wilson isn’t going. He lost by MFF to Pletcher January 6 and then since then he’s only come out to receive a forfeit against Duke on January 25. 

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3 hours ago, TBar1977 said:

Bonnacorsi 8-0 over Reenan stands out to me. Nino is good, but yikes. 

Reenan didn't look anywhere close to 100%.  It looked like he was favoring his previously injured knee.  He didn't choose down and gave Bonnacorsi the escape instead of trying to ride him.  

Wilson did weigh in but was held out presumably due to the injury he suffered against Ohio State.   

Should be an exciting one in Chapel Hill on Friday.  

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