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Jimmy Cinnabon

Pletcher loses to #15 wrestler but doesn't drop in rankings

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6 hours ago, Mr. Peepers said:

Can we all at least agree that Pletcher is boring?  I'm all for defensive matches from time to time, but you've got to be pretty die hard to appreciate 2-1 (trade escapes, escape in OT).  During the RBY match, the one commentator kept carrying on about how great a match it was.  I was thinking "no, this isn't... if I was a non-fan who came across this while channel surfing, I would have turned it off after the first period". 

Agreed. I often record matches and fast forward until there is a score then rewind to see the score. Nothing worse than a whole period of hand fighting without a shot attempt.

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8 hours ago, BigTenFanboy said:

Non fans would change the channel regardless of how much or little action there was in the match.

True, to a point.  I'm thinking of people like my brother, who watched me compete for 10 years (albeit a long time ago), whose 7 year old son started competing this year, who understands and appreciates the sport but has never been a fan per se, and who I texted the day before to tell him about this barn burner of a match he and his son should watch.

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8 hours ago, Housebuye said:

Seems weird to blame pletcher. He was the only one who took committed shots. 

I blame Pletcher because ran up a 12% bonus rate late season. Guys ranked in the top 10 usually average close to 50%.

Also... the impetus to win, and win big if possible, was on Pletcher here.  Remember, for OS to have a shot at winning, they needed everything to go their way plus score some bonus somewhere.  In other words, this was no time to wrestle conservatively and defensively- especially against a true freshman who had been battling injuries and was wrestling his first Big Time college match in a packed and hostile gym.  Had Pletcher come out firing on all cylinders, he would have ignited the home crowd as well as his team.  Had he ran up a major on RBY, maybe McKenna wouldn't have felt compelled to gas himself out trying to score bonus.  He pulled this same thing last season vs. Penn State; when his team needed him to run up a big win.  Instead, he eked out a slow, methodical win against a journeyman.  So, yes, I stand by my statement. 

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