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Jimmy Cinnabon

Never Been Pinned

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24 minutes ago, russelscout said:

Gotchya. Very interesting stuff, but I think the topic was discussing the wrestlers full COLLEGE career. Not career in general.

I agree that was the thrust of Cinnabon's original post.  That's why I referred to his "storied career" instead of his "college career."  I probably should have made that clearer, but assumed that everyone would know his only loss in a college bout was the famous decision by Owings.

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20 hours ago, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

So that crosses Nickal and Joseph off the list.  I don't think Nolf has ever given up backs though.

This is the closest Nolf ever came.  He got headlocked in this match and thrown to his back but did not give up NF.  He was almost thrown to his back earlier in the first period as well.




He pinned the guy a short time after that, though.

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23 hours ago, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

I was thinking about how hard it is to get through a full college wrestling career without getting pinned.

Many great college wrestlers have been pinned in college: Taylor, Snyder, IMar, Gilman, Metcalf, Heil, Valencia, Myles Martin....

Who are some of the greats to have never been pinned?  Sanderson, Stieber?, Nolf, Nickal, Oliver, Dake, Delgado, Burroughs, Dieringer?

now you want to celebrate guys who didnt get beat too bad?  lame thread.

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