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HEW...Finish Strong!

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I know many wrestlers read these forums. 

I want to offer them some words of encouragement late in the season. 

Many of them have been grinding since they were very young boys and right about now, many are just wanting their final season to be over with so they can finally live normal lives. More than a few have been coping with HEW for quite a while, but for various reasons, not wrestling wasn’t an option - so they fight on.

I say they have a right to be tired and ready for new phases of their lives. 

That said, I’d advise anyone who’s reading this thinking, “He’s talking about me!” to reflect on all of the sacrifices they’ve made to this point. All of the weigh-ins, ass-kickings, disappointments, the countless hours of training, etc. All of this is will be over several weeks from now, but these last weeks, for most of them, will define their achievements in our sport. 

Now is the time to dig deep and resolve to give it everything you’ve got until you walk off the mat after your final match. 

I thank you for your dedication and I’ve enjoyed following the careers of many of you. 

Good Luck!

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And never let this leave your mind - you will never, ever be able to get these days/weeks back - don't live a life regretting that you didn't take full advantage of these last opportunities on the mat.

I was one of the lucky few that was able to continue into college but there isn't a day that goes by (23 years after I hung up the competition shoes) that I don't regret not prepping harder senior year of HS or doing things differently in college.

Just let 'er rip, boys!

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43 minutes ago, 1032004 said:

If they’d HEW, would they really be reading forums?

I’ve known several wrestlers from major DI programs over the past several years. 

Every one of them said they read these forums. 

And yes, a couple of them HEW before and during the final seasons. 

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