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How does Marinelli...

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14 hours ago, headshuck said:

Which begs the question. If Jesus was a wrestler, would he be a Hawkeye, Gopher or Nittany Lion?


What would his favorite moves be?

Despite opening a can of whoop ass on the money changers, I imagine Jesus would have a sub-.500 record. 

Given that he is on record advocating "turning the other cheek," it's safe to assume that he would be a counter wrestler. So, I think he might be good at what we call "change clothes," Hamlin's go to:   https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5508867-robert-hamlin-tornadomov

But the cheek thing might make him more of a butt-drag guy.  

I could be underestimating him: 


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15 hours ago, cornercoach said:

......everybody wears those in St. Paris-they keep stuff in it- like a fanny pack- deer antlers, leg hold traps, fishing gear, and a Chilton Chevy pickup repair manual......

Don't forget the can of Copenhagen snuff!

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23 hours ago, Witherman said:

From what I’ve heard, marinelli’s brace will absolutely not be coming off until he has surgery. 


He really shouldnt even be wrestling. I’d love to see him at full health. 

From what I've heard I don't even think the knee can be fixed.   It's amazing what he does on it.

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