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tOSU vs. Cornell

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Ohio State at Cornell, 6:30 PM

Cornell could win this  

125: Malik Heisenman (OSU) vs #8 Vitali Arujao (CU) tech 0-5

133: #6 Luke Pletcher (OSU) vs #11 Chas Tucker (CU) dec 3-5 (live underdog)

141: #3 Joey McKenna (OSU) vs #1 Yianni Diakomihalis (CU) dec 3-8 live underdog

149: #3 Micah Jordan vs 1 of 2 guys

md 7-8

157: #8 Keshawn Hayes vs Adam Santoro

dec 10-8 (could be major)

165: Teshan Campbell vs Andrew Berreyesa 

dec 13-8 (chance of an upset, albeit a small one)

174: #17 Ethan Smith (OSU) vs #14 Brandon Womack (CU) dec 16-8 live underdog 

184: #1 Myles Martin (OSU) vs #6 Max Dean (CU) dec 19-8

197: #2 Kollin Moore (OSU) vs #8 Ben Honis (CU) dec 22-8 (live underdog) 

285: #11 Chase Singletary (OSU) vs #18 Jeremy Sweany (CU) 

dec 25-8 (live underdog)


Somehow I have tOSU dominating, but this almost certainly won’t be the final score. 

Ohio State is a big favorite at 149 and 157, and favorites at 165 and 184. 

Cornell is a big favorite at 125

133, 141, 174, 197 and 285 could go either way. 

Lets assume Ohio state wins 3/4 where they are favorites,Cornell wins 125, Cornell would need 3/5 toss ups to go 5-5 and have more bonus. 

It wouldn’t be that shocking to see Cornell win 125, 133, 141, 174, hvwt. They will bonus at 125. 

Ohio State needs bonus from 149 and Hayes needs to step up at157. If they bonus in both of those, they should win the dual barring a crazy upset (Myles Martin losing or something like that)

cant wait. So many ranked matchups plus a likely ncaa finals/semi at 141.  

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21 minutes ago, Sublime607 said:

On a side note Greg is wrestling at the NY state tournament today. Must be a tuff choice for the Diakomihalis family good thing Syracuse isnt far from Ithaca.

Meh.  Only going for his fourth NY title...as a junior.  Into the semi-finals already.


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Bump.  Starts in 30 minutes on ESPN+.  They have trial memberships which you can cancel within 7 days and pay nothing.  Otherwise the cost is $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.  Go here to subscribe: https://plus.espn.com/

I'm not affiliated with ESPN - just signed up myself for this dual.  Thought I'd share the info.

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