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tOSU vs. Cornell

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33 minutes ago, bnwtwg said:

As someone who lives in Chicago and does not normally follow any matches, much less Cornell in particular, or honestly anything in any less than a sporadic schedule:

What is his name?

2.A Is he employed by ESPN?

2.B Is he employed by BTN?

2.C Is he employed by Ivy League?

How can I share?

I believe his name is Mark Shelley, and he announces for ESPN ((Ithaca)).  https://espnithaca.com/contact-us/contact-information/

He's not BTN, nor is he Ivy League.  It would seem that he works for an ESPN radio station, but whether that makes him an ESPN employee, I have no idea.  I'm sure someone on the contact web page above would like to hear from you.  Please tell them Mark should stop with the "swing the gate" when a Cornell wrestler is trying to turn an opponent with a leg ride (and no, it didn't come up against tOSU  :-(  )

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