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Why Did Sanderson Leave Iowa State For PSU?

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10 hours ago, Molsen said:

If cael was still at ISU he would most likely not have had the same success, and the psu talent probably would have been spread out a little more. He still would have won a championship and probably multiple. He went to PSU for more money, athletic support, and yes, a better chance at winning titles. The PSU fans getting defensive is ridiculous, because Cael made the right move and it is not likely that he would have had the same success at ISU. Iowa fans... come on. He left for a better opportunity, not because he couldnt compete with Iowa. Because even if the Brands were more successful early on, Caels teams were still right there.

Cael did make the right moves and the rest, as they say, is becoming history. 

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12 hours ago, russelscout said:

I doubt he felt he was in Iowas shadow. I think he probably thought something like, the recruiting in Iowa isn't good enough to share with last year's championship team a couple hours away, while the east coast is being under served right now.  I think that's probably the only role Iowa played in Caels decision. I don't think it's really anymore than that. 

Cael has no obligations to ISU. Hell, look what he did for them. They should have been doing anything the man asked for and made sure he stayed. They didn't and thats their fault.

What he did for them?  LOL  Welcome to Merica!

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On 2/22/2019 at 3:26 PM, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

And Bill Belichick left the Cleveland Browns because he knew he'd never win a Super Bowl there.  What a loser.

Belichick was fired from the Browns after Modell announced he was taking the team to Baltimore in 1996. Do your homework before you throw your straw at the Browns .

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45 minutes ago, Greatdane67 said:

I believe the fact that they moved Douglas out for him left a bitter taste in the mouth of ISU fans.

it did to some. Others were excited about it. Cael was getting a lot of interest from other programs who wanted a Head Coach. ISU has never forgotten how they screwed up in dragging their feet on Dan Gable and losing him to Iowa. If they had offered Gable the job sooner we would be reading Cyclone dynanty, not Hawkeye. But - Gable gave his word and honored it.

ISU was not going to lose Cael Sanderson and moving Douglas out was the price they paid. He left for Penn State after three seasons. Better opportunity for his wife and kids is one reason we have heard. Better situation for him as a Coach is another. Financial security is in the mix and it has helped other Coaches since that hire was made.

Yes, Bobby Douglas was shafted at ISU - no doubt about it. It was the University, not Cael.

Now we enjoy watching a dynasty and waiting to see how long it continues.

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