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Iowa in Stillwater

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11 minutes ago, Housebuye said:

Weird take. I think you’ll be proven wrong but we will see. Hadn’t really considered your position 

Spencer Lee is more than capable of winning the title this year.  Before today I was still on the Spencer Lee 4X champ train.  Now?  I'm 50/50 he will win this year.  I also don't know why my take was weird.  You saw Picc trying to bail on the Russian tie every time Lee was in on it.  He doesn't want to be there because Lee isn't going to take a shot from space.  You saw Picc sit in with his hips off the whistle on bottom on every restart.  You could see he worked on it.  He had to work on those two things to get into the middle of the second where the match titled towards him in a big way.

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1 minute ago, Perry said:

That one should have been stalling on weigel

It's like they never understood that the rule got put in place so it would be less of a judgment call. They just ignore it and call it whenever they feel like.

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25 minutes ago, StallWarning said:

I do not think Spencer has dropped off wrestling.  I think he's at the same level he was last year.  I think other guys have gotten better and are working on things specifically to game plan for him.  He's not hard to game plan for because he only has a few things he does.  He just does them really well.  His neutral offense is limited.  He has one shot from a tie and a fireman's.  Both come from the same tie.  His top game is a an arm bar tilt.  That's all he has.  That's how he beats guys.  If you game plan for those specific things (the tie he uses and the arm bar tilt) then you can beat him.  He also has gas tank issues.  If guys are good enough and game plan the right way they can get into the second period with it being close and then every second that ticks off the clock moves the match more in their favor.  Another way to beat him is to be elite from space from neutral like Sebastion Rivera.  He doesn't have to tie up with Spencer to attack his legs.  He can get to his legs and finish without having to deal with his tie.  

Spencer Lee is not the god wrestler everyone makes him out to be.  He is really, really good at a few things that people are well aware of and able to counter now.

I wonder if you felt this way before he lost 2x this year. The problem with your logic is that if that’s all it was, someone would have figured him out a long time ago. 

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