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8 minutes ago, Plasmodium said:

Wow.  He definitely got in Nolf's head there!  Expect Berger to clown big time.

Pretty sure Berger said he's going to be taking 5 heads at NCAA's. Maybe he can bring some Clown stuff with him to Pittsburgh. Amazon sells a nice Clown Kit and they ship free to Prime subscribers.


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2 hours ago, pish6969 said:


Trying to help out smaller programs. That being said, I hope Buffalo is never on the schedule again. 2 yrs in a row now, Buffalo sits out their best wrestlers in this dual

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Oh Philanthropy, got it.

That really helped Buffalo.  If I were the Buffalo AD, I'd have a serious conversation with my Head Coach.  

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2 hours ago, TBar1977 said:

Todrank wrestled hard, no doubt. As to his antics, PSU announcer Byers described it pretty well  "Jason Nolf has had enough". His call and the entire sequence can be viewed at the 40:45 mark here.


after re-watching this sequence several times now I'm left with one final thought....how many spit soaked microphones does Jeff Byers go thru in a wrestling season?

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