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15 hours ago, WillieBoy said:

On age and profession to keep from serving in WWII. Below are some Athletes and entertainers who served. They did not dodge the draft or get deferments though a number could have done so.

Some prominent Athletes

Jackie Robinson

Ted Williams

Stan Musial

Bobby Jones

Hank Greenberg

Joe DiMaggio

Patty Berg

Joe Lewis

Enos Slaughter

Jack Dempsey

Actors, directors and Hollywood types who served.

Glen Ford

Frank Capra

Julia Child

Clark Gable

Jimmy Stewart

Charles Bronson

Glenn Miller

Charlton Heston

Eddie Albert

James Arness

Art Carney

Charles Durning

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr

Henry Fonda

Jackie Coogan

Kirk Douglas

Gene Hackman

Don Rickles

Mickey Rooney

Hugh Hefner

Tony Bennett


Yogi Berra was in the Normandy invasion, received purple heart.

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