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Lee Threads (combined)

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Great actor. I had a lot of respect for Lee Marvin, although he was a bit of a hound (remember: he was the first bigtime actor to lose a "palimony" suit to an ex-girlfriend). Usually played the bad guy in movies, and sometimes "good" bad guys (like Maj Reichmann).

Contrast that with John Wayne: pulled strings to avoid serving. First he claimed his career would suffer and people would "forget him" if he went off to war. Yeah, he was only in the biggest goddamn western of all time in 1939 ("Stagecoach). Eventually got a draft deferment for "family reasons", then proceeded to leave his wife and pound the hell out of Marlene Dietrich. Got a completely undeserved reputation as an "American Hero" which he ran with the rest of his life. Actual WW2 veterans more often than not held him in contempt and considered him a phony (which he was). John Ford mocked John Wayne after the war for never serving.

Yeah, not a big fan of the Duke.

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6 minutes ago, wildcatfan1992 said:

Where does Robert E. rank?  Or Harper Lee?  Stan Lee?

Robert E Lee lost a war.  No way top 5.  Could slide Harper Lee into the 4 slot and bump Spencer Lee for the time being.  Stan Lee is a solid 3 ranking.  Probably inspired more young men then anyone on the planet.  


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19 minutes ago, BigTenFanboy said:

You and your pastries.

That's a cheesecake. I don't think that classifies as a pastry. A delicious dessert yes, but not a pastry. 

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