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Marcus Cisero

How Title IX Destroyed SEC College Wrestling

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5 hours ago, JohnnyThompsonnum1 said:

High school.  I know when I did a report on Texas wrestling years and years ago, that's something I looked into.  It's part of the reason high school wrestling has grown in the lone star state.  Football coaches see the benefits of wrestling in high school and all of the positives it does for their athletes.  

Yet, that's high school wrestling.  They don't care one iota about collegiate wrestling.  Matter of fact with some, they like that their schools don't have wrestling programs because they they know their kids who want to stay home and go to school, will be playing football.  Sorta easy to make the choice between football or wrestling in college when none of the colleges in the area have wrestling.     


In the 1960s Pennsylvania and Texas played a series of July High school all star games, the Big33(it still exists but is no where near as important - I think they have lost a couple times to Maryland. Anyway PA won the first game first 1 or 2, Texas the last 3 or 4. A texas head coach was asked why their success (it was obviously speed) That coach said, "In the winter Pa kids are inside wrestling, in Texas they are outside running". Times have changed.

I wonder what is the lightest weight, as a senior, did any recent D1 football player compete at??.   

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