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Jimmy Cinnabon

34 yo wrestler at ASU

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23 hours ago, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

Unfair due to his strength advantage over 18-22 year olds who did not have 12-16 more years in the Army to build up that man strength?




I am kidding of course (satirizing the poster who claimed it was unfair to allow Mormons to go on 2 year missions and return to college athletics), but it is a great story nonetheless.

Sports science claims that male athletes peak at 26-30

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11 hours ago, TobusRex said:

For those people who don't think 2 years of physical maturity matters after HS: you guys are either 1) dumber than a sack of hammers or 2) in denial. Religious missions should come AFTER college, not before. If Mormons want to go on a mission right after HS, fine, they'll still have 2 years eligibility (3, if they RS) when they come back. Small sacrifice to make for "God", right?


It's clearly a dodge. I've yet to hear a reason why they can't do the missions AFTER they graduate.

It is due to retention. Those who serve missions younger tend to stay more active in church after they come home. If they wait til later the numbers who go are much lower. Life gets in the way. Mormon missionaries are pushed hard to get married within 6 months of returning home - and that takes a big toll on time for a lot of other things. Young, new family, often a baby on the way within 6 months of the marriage. Try juggling that one while giving mat time to a varsity wrestling career.

Yes, physical maturity matters. But two years off of wrestling hurts. One reason Matt Brown at Penn State was the first Returned Missionary to become an NCAA champion on the D1 level.(don't now about the lower levels - if someone does, please post it)

Also - MORMON is now an evil word in the religion. The current leader claims Satan is happy any time the term is used and is pushing everyone to use the name The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints instead. They even go so far as to say call them The Church of Jesus Christ - pretty dishonest as that is the legal name of another church. Then again, we're talking folks who believe American Indians descend from Hebrews in the Bible.

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