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Chandler Rogers Odd Man Out....

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37 minutes ago, Perry said:

If Weigel couldn't come back Smith would 100% be up at 174 and not at 165. This is one or those moments where there is a team element despite it being an individual sport. Best lineup is likely what Smith has now, it just stinks it all came out so late, but Weigel just made it back a couple of weeks ago from his injury so there is that to consider. I think Rogers knew this was coming, seemed like he wanted to go out with that big celebration at the Iowa dual. While it is sad to see a senior lose out on a starting spot Chandler isn't the lone 2x aa as others mentioned. Was Carl a jerk for putting cassar in? Was he doing a disservice to his athletes?

I agree with all the arguments in here, except I'm not sure I'm convinced this is the best lineup given that they're basically swapping Rogers, 2xAA, for Geer, who Coach Smith seems confident in but doesn't have Rogers's credentials yet; I also think Jacobe Smith had a higher ceiling at 184 than 174 due to the relative strength of the weight classes.  Regardless, though, it's quite possible that this weekend's lineup is the best one, and it's definitely the case that the coach's decision about how to score the most points wasn't unreasonable.  I don't see any evidence that he favored his son (won a wrestle-off convincingly), or that this was sprung at the last minute (the cutting process for the guys who moved down played out over several weeks due to the rules).  And I think Perry's points demonstrate that, although a tough result for Rogers, what happened to him was an obviously foreseeable result of the Weigel situation specifically, and of being at such a good and deep program generally.  The flip side of being at that good and deep program was that Rogers got to have what turned out to be a hell of a swan song with 14,000 fans.  

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And Geer may be stronger coming down from the higher weight where in the few times I saw him, he looked a little small (particularly against Brucki, although Brucki makes a lot of people look small).  All points that John Smith took into account I'm sure, and which feed into my main point--that I can't see how you can criticize the coach's motives, and at most you can have a different opinion about how to score more points (and your post is making me reconsider mine).  

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