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Jimmy Cinnabon

Is Shakur Rasheed overrated at #2?

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1 hour ago, cangemi said:

I am a Rasheed homer. Have history with his high school coach.

I think he wrestled well. He really is more then just a cradle. He has great mat sense.

That said I'm rooting for Venz be on opposite side of bracket at Nationals.  He is extremely dangerous. You can see he is up to no good at all times. He had me edge of seat., Almost got Rasheed at end.

Frank C


Ha ha ha. That expression is so old school. Love it, cangemi!

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9 hours ago, ConnorsDad said:

I don't think there's any question he's better than Venz. I don't think there's any question he's one of the 2 best wrestlers in the conference. I haven't seen the rest of the country but I doubt there's much else in the country except maybe the Lehigh kid. He's one of the three four best in the country on any day. THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHETHER OR NOT HE WAS DESERVING OF THE 2 SEED. Christ they're not the same goddamn thing. I hope he wins tomorrow. There were other people not deserving of their seed but this is the Shakur Rasheed thread. One of the reasons this one is 7 pages long is because some people will never admit anything wrong about Penn State on this message board even though they know in their hearts it's correct. There are people out there who still think Paterno did nothing wrong. Or that's what they say in public. It's okay to admit things about your team that aren't positive. Your card won't be taken away.

1. The mere fact you believe we do not understand that seeding and ranking is different and you think you have to scream on the message board to explain it to us (hint: we know the diff)  is laughable. 

2. Your whole Paterno/Penn State fan schtick is out of line. It has no place on this message board. Of that, I am 100 percent confident. 

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Can we just stop whining about ducking or at least stop being hypocritical. Every team does it, INCLUDING PSU. 

Obviously, the coaches and wrestlers have their reasons, but the high and mighty viewpoints on it get tiresome......

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