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I usually commend Smith as a coach but pulling Elam's redshirt was a terrible move, up there with Heinselman at tOSU. Inspires me to start a new topic, actually.

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1 hour ago, scramble said:

Looks like Koelling will need an at large.  Great Job by Jaques.  

Good to see Punke, Flynn, and Elam come back through.  Still, Mizzou is going to need to step it up if they are going to even crack the top 10.  

Excluding Lewis, from 165 and up they will all be out by the 2nd round of consi.  Wiseman needs more offense if he is going to get more than 1 win.  Punke I think will be really good down the road but a 4th in the MAC equates to a 2-2 at best for the freshman, with a good draw.  So even if they do get all 10 though, only 5 are going to score any real points the way they wrestled this weekend.  I thought they would look better after how flat they looked against ISU. Erneste looks good, but he is in a brutal weight.  It will be hard to get past the round of 12 for him.  Eirman and Lewis are top 4, and Mauller could finish 6-8.  Jaques is also going to be really good, but I don't see the freshman getting past the round of 12 this year.  As a huge Mizzou fan, it pains me to say that we may have peaked too soon.  It is a very young team and it is a long college season.  I just hope we can crack the top 10. 

I would be nice to take maybe redshirt all of those guys next year.  Especially if Eirman decided to take an Oly redshirt.  That could set Mizzou up to potentially crack the top 4 for a couple of years in a row.  Especially, with Toole coming in also. They would be pretty tough because that would put Punke, Mauller, Jaques, Eireman, Toole, and Elam all rolling back into the lineup at the same time in 2021.  Throw in Mocco and that is a pretty strong 7 that I can think of off the top of my head. I am sure I am missing someone.




Coming into the year, I figured they'd finish around 10th.  Your predictions are about as pessimistic as possible.  Erneste was ranked 6th in the final coaches poll for a reason.  It is a brutal weight, but if he fails to AA that would be disappointing rather than expected.  Mauller has looked good enough at times to finish as high as 4th, but 6-8 is probably realistic. I agree Jacques will need the right draw to make it past the R12.  I think you're under estimating Wisman.  He's just getting his groove back. And Hwt is a crapshoot of 1-pt matches, Elam may find his Vegas form and surprise.  He certainly has the talent.  

Nonetheless, I doubt Punke sees the lineup ever again, with Severado and Surtin waiting in the wings.  As a fellow huge Mizzou fan, let's try to enjoy this year and keep the faith for a couple more weeks before writing off next year and thinking about 2 years from now.  A lot can happen between now and then. 

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