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Dom Demas vs. Kaid Brock Big 12 Final.. wow!

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On 3/12/2019 at 12:03 AM, TobusRex said:

Hey Peso, what do you think of Kaid's chances at NCAAs? Think he'll sneak onto the podium this year? He wrestled pretty good at conf until getting pinned in the finals.


I don't like his odds.  He can do it, and I truly want him to.  In my humble opinion, it must be soooo tough to wrestle in this day of scouting and video and in my opinion the coaches have truly learned to use scouting information better than ever.  He is one fun guy to follow.  He always mixes it up, and he's been ahead of the curve on the scrambling, but maybe the coaches are finding ways to counter the counters now.  Amazing time in our sport.  Sometimes I overthink things, but I think that style is shrinking rapidly.

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