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Did Rahseed duck?

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1 hour ago, Bombermule said:

I could be wrong, but I don't think Shak was in any worse condition going into the finals as he was going into the semis. For that reason, I think it was a duck. Shak's best chance to win is in their first meeting. I don't expect this to happen, but I see the only way Shak wins is if he cradles Martin (this is not to diminish Shak as a wrestler, since he has proved his is more of a wrestler than just a cradler) or if he can find a way to ride him for a good portion of the match, which would require a takedown. Martin is the better wrestler and has one of the most diverse offenses in the country. I think he would use the feel from the first match to avoid uncomfortable positions in a rematch. Martin's ability to adapt his game plan after a first meeting is better than Shak's. Either way, I think he will win comfortably.

Despite my post about PSU protecting their game plan I disagree that Shak's best chance to beat him would ordinarily be in there 1st meeting. Martin brings a lot of athleticism to the table and thats traditionally almost impossible to simulate, so the more feels the better, though god knows whose been rolling around at the NLWC lately. 

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I'm a Rasheed homer 

Him getting healthy good idea

But man I love his Draw. Semis always going have tough match. But the upper bracket is ridiculously stacked more then the bottom imho.

Lower side don't sleep on Deprez he may surprise a f pop to semis if he wrestles well.

Not sure Duck , but as far as bracket I think positioned him well. The fair thing, I'll let you guys debate that 


Frank C

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