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USA Stars vs NCAA Champs! BTS

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1 hour ago, Housebuye said:

So they were supposed to release some matchups this week and it’s Friday, so hopefully we hear something today? 


FloWrestling (@FloWrestling)

4/5/19, 10:03 AM

Jersey on Jersey crime.

Two-time world medalist James Green will square off with NCAA champion Anthony Ashnault at Grapple At The Garden.

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16 hours ago, El lucador said:

Hayden has top notch upper body skills he was a greco WTT finalist. Bo in my opinion is a sloppy upper body wrestler. this would be a tougher match for him.

I would take Bo easily in this matchup.

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On 4/3/2019 at 5:56 PM, manyak said:

Ben Askren destroyed 2013 NCAA 197lb Champ Quentin Wright in late 2013 in a modified freestyle match.

I was there! That was a pretty fun match, but that was more than 5 years ago. Askren is pretty far removed from his competitive wrestling days. 

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1 hour ago, Crash said:

Any announced matchups for BtS are preliminary at best.  With US Open a week before, don't be surprised to see guys allegedly committed to BtS dropping out.

Returning world medalists won’t go to the Open. Granted Green will probably go to the Open

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14 minutes ago, pamela said:

I think the NCAA champs automatically qualify for trials too.

That is true, but at the weights we do not have a returning medalist, the winner of the Open goes strait to final X. So at  57,65,70 kg we will most likely see all NCAA champs and returning world team members. I'd be interested to see if Gilman goes to the Open, he sat out of the open in 2017 and took his chances at the trials. 

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So is this more or less the final lineup for BTS?

  • NaTo vs. Mueller
  • Colon vs. Suriano
  • Yianni vs. Bajrang Punia (India)
  • JO vs. McKenna
  • Green vs. Ashnault
  • JB vs. Askren
  • DT vs. Drew Foster
  • Cox vs. Brucki
  • Snyder vs. Nishan Randhawa (Canada)
  • Gwiz vs. Derek White
  • Hildebrandt vs. Dana Weicker (Canada)
  • Velte vs. Linda Morais (Canada)


Also why not Yianni vs. JO? Is it because they wanted a PA vs. NJ matchup? OSU vs. tOSU? I guess McKenna has better credentials in FS recently but Yianni's the NCAA champ and I thought that was supposed to be the theme for BTS.

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