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Matching talent to schools, 2019 edition

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New Jersey has 23 NCAA qualifiers this year, nearly matching Ohio's 24.  New Jersey has always been a tough wrestling state, and hopefully Rutgers can continue making progress. It's a good public university for New Jersey kids.

California has 18 qualifiers, and always produces a ton of good wrestlers. Sadly, none of its flagship state schools offer wrestling.  For most kids, Cal and UCLA might be a bit tough to get into. So in my fantasy world, maybe San Diego State could start a program? As it is, California kids hoping for a state school have to choose between Fresno State, Cal State Bakersfield, and Cal Poly (which is also tough to get into).

Finally, Georgia has 12 qualifiers but zero D1 programs. In my fantasy world, UGA would reinstate its wrestling program.



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