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San Diego already figured out a way to punish MFF and do better seeding

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San Diego CIF and Masters developed a pretty genius way to stop MFF's, encourage the best to wrestle the best, and eliminate a lot of arguing about seeds.  Each tournament in the state is given a power ranking.  Tough tournaments such as Scuffle or Vegas get a 10, while small tournaments that have D1 entrees but arent as tough get a 3.  There is a spectrum.  At these tournaments, you get the power ranking points just for showing up, but then additional points for placing.  The difference between a guy who takes 2nd, and a guy who MFF's down to 6th is huge.  Conference championships are weighted very heavily.  At the end of the year, points are totaled to give the conference seed, then after conference, totals are recalculated and seeded for NCAA's


Head to heads do not help or hurt you in your point total.  However, if you have a low point total, you can gain an additional 10 points to overcome someone who is higher than you that you have a head to head over.  You can do this to multiple guys ahead of you, so long as each consecutive guy ahead of you is within 10 after the bump.  This helps when a guy is legit hurt and cannot compete in a tournament or two.  However, if a guy you have beaten gets more than 10 points above you, you cannot jump him.  This corrects guys who duck, guys who get fluke wins, and guys who refuse to compete in the more competitive tournaments.


If there are severe outliers, such as the returning NCAA champ missing half the season, you can call for a special circumstance.  You must send this in prior to seeding, then it gets voted on whether or not it should even be considered.  This gets voted on by all coaches.  At that point, there is a seeding debate.  It is the only time there can be a debate, outside of alerting the seeding committee that your guy is within 10 power points of a guy ahead and also has a head to head.


IMO, this is the way to do it.  It completely eliminates sour grapes on seeds.  Either guys competed for their seed or they didnt.  Ducking and strategically not showing up for matches burns you hard.  Competing and losing to guys when you have a dominant body of work also isnt a death sentence.  You can always go overcome the next week at a big tournament and erase a fluke loss.  There is no arguing, no conjecture, and it gives fans what they want to see - The top guys going to the top tournaments and fighting every match for the seeding points.

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1 hour ago, ohcomeon said:

Wouldnt really prevent what happened with Martin/Rasheed though, would it? 


Yes, it would.  Other people in other conferences would also be racking up points this weekend.  If someone was close to him, he eliminated any chance at getting himself a #2 seed by not trying to win the match.  The only way it would have made sense to MFF, is if he was more than 20 or so points ahead of whomever was the #3 if they are in a different conference.  When wrestlers are forced to go to the big tournaments or get lower seeds, they go.  This is where you see point totals being close enough that eliminating yourself from a chance at higher placement points can really shoot you in the foot, especially at the conference tournament.

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