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Historic chokejob? What will we say about Tom Ryan losing with:

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Nathan Tomasello, Luke Pletcher, Joey McKenna, Ke-Shawn Hayes, Micah Jordan, Te'Shan Campbell, Bo Jordan, Myles Martin, Kollin Moore, and Kyle Snyder? 

20 years from now, when people look back on this team and trash Coach Ryan, will it be the truth or a bit of revisionist history? 



But seriously, who cares?  Now that I have your attention I would like to spam this board and invite you to play in the

"1st Annual LemonPie NCAA Tournament Challenge!"


Select ONE roster from EACH of the following images for a total of THREE selections.  Seeds for each roster add up to 155 (avg seed of 15.5)

Three valid selections = One valid entry 





UPDATE: Millhof scratched (see contingency plan in the rules).  changes are welcome.



Contest rules (ill post them in this thread) and full rosters (with seeds attached) can also be in the document link  CLICK HERE

Your final product will consist of 30 wrestlers (1 of each seed 1-30 ; 3 per weight)

Post your entry here and Ill add you.  It's completely free and you have a shot at $100

Sorry, gave BWI and Twitter first dibs, but they went homer and there are still over 7950 possible entries!

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The Rules:

There are a total of 60 pre-determined “teams.”  Each team is made up of 10 wrestlers - 1 from each weight class - with various seeding totals that add up to 155. (avg. seed of 15.5).  

·         20 teams from the Penn State delegation (Seeds 1-5; 26-30)

·         20 teams from the Iowa delegation (Seeds 6-10; 21-25)

·         20 teams from the Oklahoma state delegation (Seeds 11-20)

Each wrestler (seeded 1-30) is made available for exactly two teams.  For example, Spencer Lee is the 125-pound representative for both the “DT” and “Abe” teams

Team rosters are available in the individual sheets.  Screenshot images were also posted to @lemonsandpie twitter.

After studying rosters, you will select ONE team from EACH delegation for a total of three selections.  Each team is fronted by a current coach or legacy member. 


Your Entry:  3 team selections = 1 entry

Valid Entry Examples:

a)      Cael, Morningstar, Hendricks

b)      Metcalf/Oliver/Molinaro

c)      Rosholt-Prescott- Ironside

Invalid Entry Examples: 

a)      Ruth, Zain, Ramos

b)      Thompson, Clark

c)      McIntosh

Your overall product will consist of

·         30 wrestlers

o   1 wrestler of each seed 1 through 30 (sorry Joe Smith fans!)

o   3 wrestlers in each of 10 weight classes


How to win: The team with the most combined individual points (NCAA tournament scoring) will be crowned the winner

Tiebreak criteria

a)      Least points via MFF or Injury Default

b)      Least All-Americans

c)      Least Champions

d)      Follows @lemonsandpie (kidding)


How to Enter:  If I can find your entry and it’s valid, Ill add it.  Mention @lemonsandpie in reply.  DM me.  Use #LPBracketChallenge (I will actually look).  Might be a thread on the BWI as well.  I will add you in the doc ASAP. 


Entry Deadline:  Wednesday, March 20th, 11PM ET 


 Max- 200

Please have some class and refrain from using burner accounts to post multiple entries.

8,000 unique entries are possible, so duplicate entries should be rare.  Of course, some teams will be more popular than others, but still relying on overall balance to prevent duplicate entries.  In the case of a duplicate entry, it is first come, first served. The 2nd person will be contacted and asked to submit a different entry.  Navigate the “entry database” sheet to see if your potential entry is already taken.  PSU teams will be listed alphabetically and filter from there. CTRL+F to help search/filter


1st place- $100; 2nd place- $50

The least popular entry (determined by total team selections) will be announced before the tournament and will receive auto $20 + 50% increase in prize potential

Prize options- Venmo, PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, Donation to favorite wrestling club/organization


Leaderboard + Ranking

The doc is already loaded.  Point totals + number of wrestlers remaining will be updated throughout

“But I want to build my whole team!”

Don’t be such a baby.  Study each roster, weigh the good and bad, make a freakin’ decision and live with the consequences!  Diverse rosters make for a better product.  Everyone picking Nolf as their 1 and Zahid as their 3 makes for a boring challenge.

“This seems too complicated”

It’s really not.  Just keep returning to the document and check for updates.  The link will be pinned on my twitter account (@lemonsandpie).  Print out your team lists if you like.  Don’t make me a failure.  THIS WILL BE BETTER THAN “SALARY CAP” CHALLENGE. 




For the 2019 tournament, wrestlers can be scratched up to the point of weigh-ins.  In this scenario, seeds between the scratched wrestler and seed 28 would all move up a seed.   Re-seeding would have a tremendous impact on this contest.  It would not be fair to change all the seeds/teams. Here is the contingency plan in place.

In the case of a scratch (before weigh-ins), the scratched wrestler would be replaced by the seed above him.

This means that a wrestler (scratched wrestler + 1) would represent 4 of 20 teams instead of the normal 2 of 20

Entries with a scratched wrestler would have opportunity to keep the modified entry or select a new one

Scratch exception: Teams with a wrestler who misses weight will be scored a 0 for the tournament


Hypothetical Example

Zeke Moisey- 19 seed- SCRATCHED

Though seeds 20-28 would all move up in seed, the teams with those wrestlers would remain unaffected

Replacing Zeke Moisey on teams “Scott” and “Thompson” would be the newest no. 19 seed (former no 20)—Alex Mackall.  Mackall would remain the representative for “Sheets” and “Rosholt” as well.

Entries with “Scott” or “Thompson” as their OSU representative would be offered an opportunity to re-submit an entry.  Or they could accept their modified roster.




Edited by LemonPie

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17 minutes ago, pish6969 said:

Lemon. You have the greatest contest but you ruined it with the heading..



I would think you’d get more hits with just “free contest and cash prizes”

Haha yeah I should have hit an Iowa or PSU topic

All the contest "views" and participation were trash on here.   People just assume another salary cap contest and move on. 

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51 minutes ago, LemonPie said:

Haha yeah I should have hit an Iowa or PSU topic

All the contest "views" and participation were trash on here.   People just assume another salary cap contest and move on. 

Iowa won't place top 10 wouldn't done it

Love it. I'll send in my entries.

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I really like the roster naming btw because maybe it could have a small influence on the way picks are made, like "Cael is the GOAT so I'm taking his roster" or "ugh, there's no way I'm picking a roster with Gilman's name on it". Haha.

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