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What do I have to do to compete in the 2028 Olympics in LA for freestyle wrestling?

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Well the first thing you would want to figure out is who are you going to wrestle for.  Making the US team would be pretty hard to do, so I wouldn't put very good odds on that happening.  I mean unless you have been training among top level guys for the last 4 or 5 years who are at that level and you could pull a Jamill Kelly and go on an incredible run, then maybe.  But Jamill Kelly was a very talented athlete.....so assuming you aren't at Jamill Kelly's level....

Your best chance would be to wrestle for another country or territory.  Some countries have different requirements for citizenship.  If any your grandparents were born in a foreign country that's a way you could do it. Alex Dolly wrestled for Ireland despite having never visited there because he was able to get Irish citizenship through his grandmother or something.  If you can't get citizenship like that but have some extra cash to blow, there are some countries that will give you citizenship for an "investment" fee.  I'm pretty sure that there are some African countries like Namibia that only require about $30k or so, maybe less depending on whatever deal you can make with whoever is in charge this week.   If you are short on cash, or don't have $30-50k burning a hole in your pocket, another route you could go would be to try wrestling for a territory of the US. Guam, Us Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Puerto Rico and a few others send their own Olympic teams.  They all have varying rules about how long they require you to be physically present in their territory as well.  That is still going to cost you, since you would actually have to travel to these places a few times and meet with whoever is in charge.  A friend of mine did this a few years ago and competed at worlds, despite having visited there only once in his life.  

The next step assuming you get all that taken care of is actually qualifying.  Being independently wealthy helps, but this isn't like that Olympic skiing event where if you show up in enough places and can make it through a run without crashing or finishing in dead last, you get to march into the stadium under some national flag.  You basically have only a few chances.  The first chance is at worlds.  The problem is the continental tournaments are about to happen in the next few months, and in order to wrestle at worlds for your new adopted home country, you would need to weigh in there.  Not necessarily compete, but you would need to weigh in at least. So if you can do that then congratulations, you should make reservations in Kazakhstan and preferrably don't arrive dressed as Borat. Somebody will probably punch you in the face.  If you can place in the top 6 at worlds, and believe me, some people get a lucky draw, then you would just have to avoid doing anything that could embarrass whoever you compete for until next year and they'll send you to Tokyo.  Just in case you aren't a world class wrestle or aren't lucky enough to draw an opponent who has some kind of seizure and allows you to advance far enough to place that high, you would need to either win or place highly in your continental qualification tournament.  If you cannot do that then you would need to either win or place in the top 2 at one of the 2 or 3 last chance qualification tournaments. Last time around one was in Mongolia, so good luck finding a last minute flight to Ulaanbatar.  

If you've exhausted your options and are still independently wealthy or haven't maxed out your credit cards yet, you could persuade whichever IOC member you're wrestling for to ask for a wild card entry.  If they say no, then bribe them.  Then you would probably need to bribe whoever makes that decision for the Olympics.  Then bribe somebody in Russia and probably whoever is in charge of UWW and some more underlings.  He who will not be named made it into the Olympics this way after somebody scratched due to injury and their backup was in a car accident driving to the airport.  I'm sure that somebody with the US Olympic committee had to pay up or exchange favors somewhere to let that happen.

So congratulations, you are heading to Tokyo! 


Edit: I saw you mentioned LA.  You have almost 9 years to do all this so disregard the time table.  In the meantime I suggesto finding a way to become independently wealthy or sucking up to a dying relative who is wealthy.  

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