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Article detailing Yousiff Hemida’s fight with tragedy

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Nice article, thank you for sharing.  I'm still not sure why he just didn't use his redshirt this year though.  Obviously that's a decision involving both the wrestler and the coach.  But it just makes sense to me- guy takes a off semester to deal with a difficult family situation, guy loses his mother and grandfather in the same week, guy isn't back on the may until January.  I'm about 99% positive Hemida gets a full ride, so I doubt it was a money thing.  Likewise, it's not like the Terps were pushing for a championship season and desperately needed his points.  In fact with UMD's only other NCAA qualifiers graduating, his experience and leadership would be vital with a young team next year.  Take the spring off, stay active on the mat and in freestyle (which he is good at), hit the weights, etc.  Well, I guess we'll never know. 

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3 hours ago, CoachWrestling said:

Maybe McCoy knew he needed him to wrestle to possibly keep his job. 

If true, that marks an incredibly selfish decision.  I guess it's not fair to speculate and/or assume the worst, so I'll just chalk it up to one of the hundreds of strange decisions McCoy made over the last few years with the Terps.

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