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NCAA Session 2 Thread

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7 minutes ago, VakAttack said:

WHAT HAPPENED???  SHak was up 5-2 when I looked last!

Got into a scramble where he went to his own back trying to roll thru and got stuck. Ended up with 2 danger calls and an eventual TD against with little time left. Dumb move. 

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1 minute ago, wrestlingnerd said:

I know that looked like a lucky scramble for Dean but it’s actually one of his best moves. He is really good from there, which is rare for a big guy. Not the position you want to be in during sudden death, but as soon as he got that ankle, I was confident he’d get it. 

Yeah, I thought he was fine once he got there.  I'm just not so sure he deserved to be in OT.

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