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What’s the hold up?... Finals Predictions!

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1 hour ago, Katie said:

I haven't seen much of Lewis. All I know is he's a junior world champ. I'm picking Cenzo out of ignorance.

I think Hall-Zahid is a tossup, but I give Hall the slightest of edges because he'll have the crowd.

I think Nolf, Nickal, and Cassar will win.

Lewis looked really dangerous last night. I hope Cenzo conjures up his Saturday night magic. It really would be a shame if he can't in his hometown. Zahid is out for blood I think, and if Hall effectively counter-wrestles, I don't think he gains any new fans with that style of wrestling. I just rewatched the Scuffle final betwen White and Cassar, and I don't see Cassar getting to White's legs tonight, either. But again, I really don't mind being wrong. 

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Lee - 50/50 match. Mueller is on fire and can ride and turn guys. Lee gasses late. If mueller can survive on bottom for 4 minutes, he will win. 

Suriano - 50/50

Yianni - Yianni’s looked a bit off and McKenna bas looked sharp. Problem is, Yianni doesn’t lose. 

jordan - if jordan executes his gsmeplan, he will win. It is his match to lose. He needs to be up by  at least 2 takedowns so he doesn’t have to choose bottom. He is better in the feet. 


Mekhi Lewis - been saying it. Feels like bad timing to back off on the pick. Cenzo finds a way always, but so does Mekhi. Mekhi won a junior world gold in his 3rd freestyle tournament. Look at how junior golds have performed at NCAAs...he is next level good. 

Zahid - no confidence here but staying consistent 

Dean - the gods have spoken. We can only go so long without a Dean champion. Also he is 3-1 bs Foster. Close match. 


 Cassar.- I’m on the Gable train. If you beat him, you are the best. White winnings last time was a fluke. 

There is a chance PSU gets their highest score ever

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22 minutes ago, RJChicago said:

I can't find that on Bet DSI - how do you get to that page with the Finals Odds? Is there any other betting site that any one knows about with action on the Finals?

Apparently, this is the route according to Willie Saylor:

You must be logged in to see them. They are then under Sportsbook ---> Futures.

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