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Lee Haters/Doubters. Where you at?

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First time poster but long time reader of this forum. Really enjoy that people like you members to this forum are passionate about wrestling as much as myself and take the time to comment about the sport in this arena. Thank you all 

I am an Iowa fan and last two months I have been following anything I could on these threads about Spencer. I was as dumbfounded as everyone else on what was going on: Mono, Pneumo, HEW, Girl, Family? Is he a one trick pony and all the other badass dudes have worked on game planning or just caught up with him or he’s regressed? Kind of turned into a guilty obsession wondering about some kid I’ve never met but seems like a good kid and would like to see live up to all the hype and handle the pressure that I’m sure he’s under with all his past success. Never could gather a reason other than that top notch D1 kids are tough as nails. Seed 1-32/33.

People on here poured it on Lee hard when he got stuck and beat by Rivera twice. Don’t know what happened since Big10 Tourney but that kid did a 180 this NCAA Tourney. Gas tank was there. Great on his feet. Some of me thinks he was in U of I hospital for a week and getting world class treatment or was halfway playing possum in some matches waiting for this weekend.

Until after the finals there was always 10 threads on Lee and now he won there’s only one, but if he would have lost there would be 20. Where all you people at now?

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Admittedly I am one who was tough on him during the season, however, what Spencer demonstrated over the weekend was nothing short of amazing.  He no doubt went through a tough time over the last few months and relied on his friends, family and coaches to pull him out from what he was dealing with. His incredible performance was matched only by his positive attitude, especially during post interviews. He is an inspiration and great example how to turn adversity into success. I hope others recognize this and be much more hesitant to criticize and more patience for results in the future. Lesson learned for me.

Thanks for your excellent post. You're obvious a caring individual and everything you said made a lot of sense. 

You may want to place your thread in the "College" forum as opposed to "Legends" where you'll get much more exposure. I rarely visit this particular forum and just happened to see your title by chance at the top of the matforum page so you may have inadvertently placed it there.

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Well I never thought Spencer wasn't always giving 110% of himself. And as far as what was impacting his performance this year, we may never know. But I am happy that he got well enough to win another title. 

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