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141 Finals

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22 hours ago, spladle said:

So let's talk about the questionable calls of 141.  I think the 2nd period should have been a TD for Diakomihalis and possibly even swipes.  He had clear control with McKenna's back exposed.  At the very least it should have been 2 TD 1 E.  In the 3rd period, I am not convinced of Diakomihalis having control and it almost appears to be a make up call for the bad 2nd period call.

Disagree - It was a skillful move, but with "reaction time", plus "referee verbal notification", and counts were not there. It was less than 2 seconds. 


Love Yianni and his defense, but 1 I thought the reward for the late TD with McKenna's arm still around the back was too fast; he never really completely had the TD.  I am an OSU hater, but even I thought McKenna was robbed a bit. He did most of the action,  created almost all the shots, took most of the space, but then to have the stalling called for 5 seconds of inactivity was ridiculous, if not match changing.

IMO, Guys like Yianni & Fix have such incredible defense and counter ability that, at times against the very best in college, is a liability because they know they can wait and counter, sometimes stiffling their equally talented offense. 

That being said, I could watch Jaydin Eirman & YIANNI wrestle all day - their action, their chess matches, creativity, and counters are just an unbelievable privilege to watch. IMO, there is no tactically better rivalry in the last 10 years than these two. Sure the 133 and 125 has some more heated emotional rivalries because a few of these guys are mental, but these two guys leave all that baggage aside an just get it done. The only other rivalries that could compare was maybe Nolf & Martinez, or perhaps the way  you were left breathless after watching IMAR and Ian Miller wrestle - after going "wow, what did I just watch?"



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7 hours ago, lu1979 said:

I agree it was a takedown when Yianni stuck JM on his back.  I have to see the match again but I didn't think it was 2 at the end.  I have a big problem with the inconsistency with how TDs are called now in college.  They award TDs now if a guy barely turns the corner and his opponent's hand swipes the mat for an instant and the give no reaction time in that situation.  So we see a lot of flash TDs where the "bottom" guy is out immediately.  However if you double leg a guy to his ass or hip, or if you headlock a guy to his back, or if you did as Yianni  did and bundle a guy to their back they want to give a lot of "reaction time" before a TD is awarded. All of those later positions are harder to get and much closer to "control" than the flash TDs being typically awarded now.  I know those flash TDs are due to the rules committee wanting to remove as much referee judgement from the equation as possible as when "control is established. but I think something needs to be done to make things more consistent.

couldn't have said it better. It made you feel dirty. 

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