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Bo Nickal Freestyle Questions

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Very excited to see Nickal. I was a Nickal doubter his first 2 years of college and was kind of right (didn’t win the title his freshman year) but man has be jumped levels. The past 2 seasons have been spectacular. 

Im legitimately concerned about the Snyder matchup in 2020 of that happens. Snyder is a favorite, but stylistically I always pick Snyder vs another traditional wrestler (leg attacks, traditional set ups, etc). He has the edge vs anyone in the world at that game. Nickal however is extremely unorthodox and making a “mistake” that nobody else capitalizes I’m typically can lead to takedowns and even pins vs Nickal. 

I see it as similar to the Zahid vs Bo free match. Snyder will have a big advantage if it turns into a traditional match and Snyder will likely win 6-0 or something like that, but Bo could win at any moment and Snyder will need to be extremely careful. 

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