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Nick Suriano: Fashion Icon

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I apologize if this is well known (pardon my ignorance), but I was previously unexposed to Suriano's style off the mat.  First of all, I was previously under the impression that he didn't wear any clothing that might cover large portions of his body from the waist up, outside of his singlet (briefly), and warm-ups, which I imagine are pure torture for him. 

If you were able to convince me that he does in fact own shirts, I would have assumed they were of the sleeveless or mesh variety.   Perhaps something slightly more tasetful, cut off at the midsection a la Ezekiel Elliott.  As it turns out, I was wrong on both counts.  At first I thought it was a mistake when i saw the thumbnail, and asked "why is John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever showing up in this link preview?" You know... "who put Dirk Diggler in front of a Rutgers logo?" or "since when did Kevin Bacon wrestle for Rutgers?"  Perhaps it's just a joke he and his teammates are playing... like when hockey guys or baseball players grow nasty beards for the postseason, but I'm not really sure Suriano has the capacity to joke.  You be the judge:



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1 hour ago, BigTenFanboy said:

Does he repeat next year?

In his recent interviews he talks about how this was his dream and lifelong goal. Prior to winning the title this year he seemed so hungry for the title. Will he still have that same hunger next season?

I'm actually happy he won it. I can't say I'm a big fan of his but it's clear he works extremely hard and is passionate about the sport. With that said, I don't think he repeats next year. Just too much talent returning at the weight. Gross, Micic, Fix, Desanto, RBY, Pletcher, etc. etc.


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I think he is fairly likely to repeat. He doesn’t wrestle freestyle so I assume he isn’t taking an Olympic shirt. 


gross - possibly 141

fix - might shirt 

micic - might shirt

desanto - has a regular redshirt, but I don’t think he uses it

pletcher - 2 time 4th

rby - could shirt fin psu punts, 1 time 7th

phillipi - hasn’t AAd but is up there skill for skill

gomez - can beat anyone but hasn’t AAd

the weight is good, even without Gross, Fix and Micic. Without those guys though, Suriano is a pretty heavy favorite. He also beat DeSanto, micic and Fix, so he is a favorite vs those guys. Gross may be the only guy favored over him even with the weight at full strength

Suriano isn’t head and shoulders above those guys, but based on what we know right now, he is the most likely guy to win a title with the field at 100%, and all of the guys that can threaten him may not be competing at 133 this year

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6 hours ago, LCpl Schmuckatelli said:

Post a picture of yourself if you’re gonna throw stones about another person’s appearance.  Keep in mind that people don’t usually go to old guys like us, who post on internet message boards about wrestling, for fashion advice, lol 

Sorry, but that shirt is both out of style, major NJ / NY cheesy and gggggg..........hey! 

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4 hours ago, scribe said:

How many Italian Americans were national champs this year?

I'd guess just Suriano, Ashnault and Cassar.   But who I'd guess might be Italian Americans did pretty well overall

125: Picc (5th)

133: Suriano (1st)

141: McKenna? (2nd)

149: Ashnault (1st)

157: Pantaleo (3rd)

165: Joseph (2nd)

174: Labriola (6th)

184: Bonaccorsi (R12)

197: Brucki? (4th)

285: Cassar (1st)


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12 hours ago, 1032004 said:

I can’t find the article now but I think he said he bought the shirt when they were in Vegas for CKLV and was saving it for if/when he won NCAA’s so that he could wear gold.

If the shirt just came from his wardrobe he's an idiot who's also NCAA champ.  If he bought it to one day celebrate a national title, then that's awesome on every possible level.  

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