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PSA: 1997 NCAA Finals on ESPNU tomorrow at 2pm CST

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1 hour ago, tightwaist said:

Just like the good old days, when you had to set the VCR to tape the finals.  I remember watching Cael win his 4th live and then heading back to my buddy’s apartment in Albany to watch the re-play.  

You had a buddy?

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BUMP!  Just a friendly reminder to tune into ESPNU this afternoon!  Some really great matches that most wrestling fans will enjoy:


118:  Jesse Whitmer (Iowa) vs Lindsay Durlacher (Illinois)

126: Eric Guerrero (Okie State) vs Mike Mena (Iowa)

134: Mark Ironside (Iowa) vs Steven Schmidt (Okie State)

142: Cary Kolat (Lock Haven) vs Roger Chandler (Indiana)

150: Lincoln McIlravy (Iowa) vs Chris Bono (Iowa State)

158: Joe Williams (Iowa) vs Tony Robie (Edinboro)

167: Mark Branch (Okie State) vs Brandon Slay (Penn)

177: Barry Weldon (Iowa State) vs Mitch Clark (Ohio State)

190: Lee Fullhart (Iowa) vs John Kading (Oklahoma)

275: Kerry McCoy (Penn State) vs Stephen Neal (CSB)


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