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US Open Senior Men's Freestyle discussion thread

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59 minutes ago, steamboat_charlie v2 said:

Whitford loses a wild one to Earl Hall 14-12.  Molinaro down at 65 and already wrestling his second match... dude has gotta be gassed.  

While Earl Hall isn't a Tier 1 or even Tier 2 freestyler for us, he is a savvy vet that has always been able to hang with anyone in terms of athleticism, even dating back to his college days(similar to TD Dudley up at 86/92).  The result, while it disappoints, doesn't exactly surprise me.

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2 minutes ago, steamboat_charlie v2 said:

Anyway--back to the wrestling--the only upsets really to report are Whitford dropping to Earl Hall, Valimont losing to Brian Murphy, and also Asper lost but he wasn't too high of a seed. 

That Brian Murphy one had me on the edge of my seat.  Happy to see him injury free and on the senior circuit, at least for the open.

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