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US Open Senior Men's Freestyle discussion thread

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1 hour ago, Full Nelson said:

How is it that FLO has no commentary for the 3rd place matches?    What better thing do they have to do with their Saturday afternoon - eat nachos at the Vegas Sports bar?

I just don't get it - these are some of the greatest matchups we'll see all year, and FLO can't be bothered?

Isn't listening to Bader punishment enough? OH HIS SHOE CAME UNTIED........OH HE ALMOST TRIED A SHOT....seems like a nice guy but Bader=mute button for me. 

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Zillmer rather dwarfs Bo... and we know isn't or wasn't big for 197 this year(or even 184 last year)...

but it appears that we were all worried about the wrong gold medalists not making the team this year in Dake or JB...

Jden has his hands full.

Trolling aside, which I admit to doing so just to rustle the feathers of weaker keyboard warriors... Bo... dang.

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