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2019 WTT Contest

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57 Lee if he enters, Cruz if not $100 | $100

61 Ramos $100 | $200

65 Zain $400 | $600

70 N/A $0 | $600

74 Nolf $400 | $1000

79 Zahid $300 | $1300

86 Martin $200 | $1500

92 Nickal $700 | $2200

97 Kerkvliet if he bumps up, Walz if not $100 | $2300

125 Nelson $200 | $2500

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Final Standings:


lu1979 53
rpm002 50
alliseeisgold 40
Eagle26 40
Jon_Jozak 39
steamboat charlie 36
Keisha_Phillips 36
bnwtwg 35
Perry 33
nhs67 33
spladle 30
dmm53 26
hbluejr 26



lu1979 tied for last in the US Open contest, but redeemed himself by winning this contest.  I finished second and would have tied for first if Oliver had beaten Molinaro for True Second, but it was not to be. 

I think the best possible score would have been 66 if someone had Graff, Zain, IMAR, Dieringer, Downey, Gable, and 2 out of 4 of Cruz, Ashnault, Walz, or Macchiavello 

Congratulations lu1979! If you PM me with your paypal or Venmo ID, I will send you $10 for your efforts.  Thanks to all who participated.  I will probably do a Final X contest in a bit different format.  Might depend on if there are delayed wrestle-offs, etc.  Stay tuned!

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