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Men’s freestyle WTT day 1 thread

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Let’s get the conversation going. 

Lots of good stuff already. 

Lee didn’t wrestle. I personally think it’s more likely he’s dealing with whatever he was dealing with than the Iowa staff told him to sit out  

Heil almost goes down to McCrystal but comes back a sick amount in the last 30 seconds to win 14-13. 

Ramos takes out Clark

Molinaro gets the W vs Eierman 






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Just now, alliseeisgold said:

I was just thinking how good Hidlays defense is too.......he has some of the best positional defense out there and proved it until the last 3 seconds. 

Exactly. It’s so upsetting but he wasn’t trying to score for the last minute. It’s a risky way to go. 

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Ok,  clarify please.  Nolf in quad pod, Murphy gets lace.  No TD given.   Then lace and 2 backs.  Why isn't that 4?  Nolf was not considered down on mat right?  Yes, hands were down.  

Picture person in on a double, other guys gets chest wrap and pulls him up and over ... even if guy in on double plants both hands on mat, the guy doing the chest lock and pulling him up and over would get 4.  Right?

I clearly need help on rules.

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