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Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

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45 minutes ago, TFBJR said:

Agreed.  As I remember it, you handled your World Team Trials championship with grace and gravitas.

Aren't you the pest who takes potshots at Iowa coaching staff for expressions of excitement similar to Downey's?

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11 hours ago, GreatWhiteNorth said:

Link(s) to references?


"Sam and Monica, own and run a very dynamic wrestling camp in North Western Montana, the Eternal Warrior Wrestling Camp. It is known as the toughest wrestling camp in America and has one purpose – to make a difference in the lives of young men and women worldwide through the sport of wrestling and through the foundational principles of morality as taught in the Bible. The camp has been continuously running for 14 years and is an entire family operation."

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I'm not getting all the hostility towards Downey.  I agree he's done some dumb things in his past and he may have a chip on his shoulder but overall, does he deserve all the haters?  Please point out what he has done to deserve it.  I don't know all his history but I like what I see as a tough competitor.  I see a kid who hates to lose and has alot of fight in him.  He has also beaten some very good wrestlers in his career and it looks like he may finally have grown up.  Working with the New Jersey RTC seems to have made him better.  His conditioning is much better and he wrestles such a physical style that he needs to be in great shape.

Take a look at the way he competes and I don't know how you can't like him as a wrestler.  I even watched when he got tech'd by Taylor and I still thought it was very competitive until he gassed.  The Downey that wrestled last week is a different animal from the past.  He's now able to compete hard and last the entire match.  I didn't see him beating Taylor, but I think he would've made it competitive.

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