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Threatened by "College Wrestler"

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threatening college wrestler: "Hey Big Boy, throw another elbow my way and I'll be chokin' you out, 
leave you floppin' on this train floor."

other guy: "What? WHAT?? Yer gonna What?"

Threat:  "You heard me, dick...I was a college wrestler, so I know how to roll."

Other guy: "Where'd you wrestle?"

Threat:  "Iowa."

Other guy:  "What year, what weight?"

Threat: "1998, 134...why, did you wrestle in college?"

Other guy: "University of Iowa? 1998?  134?  That would make you Mark Ironside, two-time national champ...you don't look like him."

Threat: "no, actually it was Elsworth, Iowa."

Other guy: "Junior college wrestler, huh?  Well... just so you know, I wrestled for Oklahoma State, never made the team, 
but I was a backup for Alex Dieringer...I wrestled D1 three years ago and you played Juco 21 years ago, so I don't think you'll be choking me out
anytime soon...Dick.

Threat:  "Yeah, well I'm also into MMA pretty big...wait, that's Dana White on the phone now...I gotta take this.."

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