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Micic olympic redshirt?

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Great post.

It would be the most petty rule ever, "Cant olympic redshirt if you're competing for another country"...

but I can see it being an actual issue. Hopefully somebody with some actual info pops up. I assume he will take one and compete at 57kg.



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Yes, great question.

I remember hearing or reading somewhere that "Olympic RS" isn't actually a type of waiver granted by the NCAA. Athletes just take advantage of several rules that allow them to compete in international amateur events and get a waiver on their grade & academic progress requirements while doing so. There's nothing in the rule that says the athlete has to be representing the US in the international event, so I assume Stevan Micic should be fine. Pretty sure I've read about gymnasts doing this (US school for NCAAs; non-US country for Olympics), so I don't think it would be an unusual case.

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